JLM International is a luxury brand management company, located in Sydney, Australia. The company was founded in 2000, utilising her extensive experience in both the domestic and global travel retail markets.

We are dedicated to the management of international luxury brands in department stores, specialty boutiques, online multi brand retailers, airport, airlines and cruise ships. We selectively introduce and manage brands across Oceania and Asia Pacific (as distributors or agents).

Our connections and experience ensure our brands are elevated in the competitive retail environments. We support brand growth with visual merchandising, promotions, range management, data analysis, brand ambassadors and JLM product training school. The brand is supported with PR, marketing and social media. JLM offers full-service brand management.

We provide access to multiple distribution channels with expertise across luxury product markets. We understand and share the long-term vision of the brand, with emphasis on maintaining a high standard of ethics, confidentiality and professional conduct.

Our enthusiasm for the business we have created, and the pleasure we have gained from working with such a wide variety of very talented people, ensures we develop long lasting relationships with our brand partners.


This commitment to succeed is inspired by dealing with all things luxurious and beautiful, and we look forward to sharing this enduring passion with you.